Up2Date Art Community Award

Coolamon Australia Day Awards January 26th 2021.   Up2Date Art has been recognised with the awards of Coolamon Shire Council Community Event of the Year.  Awarded for the 2020 Pop-Up Gallery & Art Market. Thank you to all who assisted & Supported this event.

The Nomination read:

'...The "Pop up gallery and Art Market “was an impressive platform for artists to have their work on display and an opportunity to sell their pieces in a year like no other.  This was a draw card to Coolamon and the extra tourists were welcomed with open arms by small businesses.  It was much appreciated after the first half of our COVID year.  Some were even coming back twice to visit this event and bringing extra people back with them.  This event is a true example of how committees and groups are able to overcome challenges, re-invent and re-imagine, to provide an amazing community event that created a real drawcard for the Coolamon Shire Community...'

Thank you to everyone for your support.

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Coolamon Says Thank You

The 2020 Up2Date Art Exhibition, held under strict Covid-19 restrictions has proven to be an outstanding success, thanks to the wonderful support of local and regional artists and the hard working volunteers who help make the event such a success.   


Earlier this year, the committee met and decided to cancel this year’s event, however as the situation began to improve slightly, the committee took the chance to push forward with the event which resulted in over 1000 visitors to Coolamon during the events opening dates.   Chairperson Eileen Knox, Secretary/Treasurer Angela McCann, Curator Lyn Mathews and the many volunteers who assisted during the event deserve all of the kudos that has been forthcoming from artists and visitors alike.   The committee took the opportunity to think outside the box by making this year’s event an art market and allowing artists to enter as many works as they wished and to sell those works during the event.   16 new artists entered the event this year and all indications are the annual Up2Date Art Exhibition will be even better in 2021.  

Our 2020 Winners







School is the big winner

The Coolamon Central School is $5000 better off following a donation to the school from the Up2Date Art Committee.   The cheque, which represents the profits from this year’s event will go towards assisting with the needs of local students.   The Up2Date Art Secretary presented the cheque to the Principal, John Beer in November.   The Up2date Art committee is to be congratulated for their generous donation, which was achieved by the hard work of the committee and volunteers to put on a successful event, despite the COVID-19 emergency.   COVID compliance was top of the list of issues the committee needed to overcome to run the event in September and the many visitors that came to Coolamon for the exhibition and markets is testament to its success

Lady Face
Old Man
Gabs Glass
Magpie & Chick
Shearing Shed 1
Cathy Goss
Beach - 1
Beach babes

Packers Prize 2020

'A Room with a View' by Karen Boland

Coolamon Shire Acquisition Prize

'Morning Pick' by Allison Robinson

Peoples Choice 2020 

'Drovers' Wife' by Shekinah Everingham 

Platinum Sponsor

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