Entry Information 2020

Exhibition Fee : $10.00 per entry

Student Entry Fee : $5.00 per entry

Closing Date : Monday 20th July 2020

Send Entry Form with payment by

Monday 20th July 2020

Late entries will only be accepted at an increased fee of $20.00 per artwork, and with the understanding that these entries may not be printed in the catalogue

Email :

Post : Up2Date Art Inc.
P. O. Box 97,
Coolamon, NSW, 2701

Enquiries : 

0428 273 525 - Angela McCann

0425 201 715  - Alexandra Harris

Prize List

Open Art Prize ( Any Category ) : $750.00

Veterans or Serving Members

Of The Australian Defence Force : $500.00

( Only for artists who have identified themselves as such on Entry Form )

People’s Choice Award : $100.00

Coolamon Shire Council Acquisitive Prize :

To the value of the artwork less commission

( Only for residents of Coolamon Shire entered in any section )


        1                              Oil                                                    $350.00

        2                          Acrylic                                               $350.00

        3                    Mixed Media                                       $350.00

        4              Drawing and Pastels                                    $350.00

        5                      Water Colour                                      $350.00

        6                       Printmaking                                           $350.00

        7      ’ Out The Back ’ – Any Medium        $350.00

        8                       Sculpture                                     $350.00

        9                       Ceramics                                           $350.00

       10           Primary School Students                     $ 50.00 

       11         Secondary School Students                 $100.00

Conditions Of Entry 

1.      All entries must be the signed, original work of the exhibitor ; and not previously         

         exhibited at this exhibition.

2.      All entries must be in a finished state and ready for hanging with D hooks no lower

         than one quarter down from the top of the work.

3.      All entries must be for sale and at a price no less than $50.00 and remain on display             for duration of show.

4.      An entry which contains multiple items and entered as a single entry must be priced           no less than $50.00. If the intention is to divide the set, the item /s are required to be           entered separately on the entry form ( essential for numbering within the catalogue )           and again, priced no less than $50.00 per item.

         ( eg 3 items in set = $210.00, therefore each item is priced at $70.00 )

5.      Artist’s name and address, title of the work and section must be printed

         behind each work.

6.      Dimensions of works must be included on entry form :

         Height, Width, and Weight ( especially for sculptures ).

7.      All works must be delivered in clearly labelled packaging and artists are

         advised to insure their works.

8.      A commission of 20% of the sale price will be charged on all works sold.

9.      The Committee reserves the right to : select the works to be shown, with such                         decisions being final ; determine the way in which the works are hung ;

          and publish images of prize winning works.

10.     The Committee will exercise all reasonable care in the handling of exhibits,

          but will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage of exhibits while in the                      custody of the committee or its agents.

11.     Artists are liable for any & all GST on sales and are personally responsible for any

          & all GST payments and compliance required by the ATO.

12.     The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

13.     Note : All artists will receive free entry to the opening night of the exhibition

          and are encouraged to attend.


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